nedeľa 15. apríla 2018

New Suite Completely Dedicated To Celine Dion In Château Frontenac ,Québec

As part of the festivities surrounding the 125th anniversary of Château Frontenac, the establishment unveiled on Saturday its new suite completely dedicated to Celine Dion.

At the door 5151 of the Hotel du Vieux-Québec is located this first of eight renovated executive suites to pay tribute to great visitors of the Château Frontenac. Before having an extraordinary international career, Charlemagne's diva had a remarkable moment in her career at the Hôtel de Québec.

"She sang in our ballroom and it was there that she was discovered and signed by Sony. This is a key moment for Madame Dion, "said Robert Mercure, General Manager at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. When she's in the Capitale-Nationale and does not stay with a relative, the 50-year-old singer lives at the famous hotel.

For Claudette Dion, who was present at the inauguration of the suite, the places are in the image of her sister. "I think it's clear, zen and clean. I think it would be very comfortable, "said the older sister of Celine Dion, who had a real crush on the bathroom suite.

Claudette Dion hopes to encourage her sister to come and see what is happening to her. "You have to see that," Claudette will tell Céline.

Many items that reflect the singer's career are in this suite with two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. "The experience of the suite can be complete for someone who is interested in Celine Dion," said Lucie Couillard, project manager and exhibition for the 125th of Château Frontenac.

In addition to Celine Dion, the other 7 suites "Inheritance" will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, William Van Horne, Charles de Gaulle, Alfred Hitchcock and Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Justin Trudeau .

streda 11. apríla 2018

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month with Celine Dion

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month with Celine Dion
Celine Dion speaks up about child abuse. You can make a positive difference in another person's life. #ItsTime #StopChildAbuse #ChildrenMatter