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Celine Dion's Ultimate Fan Surprise !!!!!!!

The one and only Celine Dion is coming  by !
The superstar mom opens up about  how she
juggles her Vegas Show
and three adorable kids, and the gives one
of her most deserving fans the surprise of a lifetime !
Plus, pint-sized powerhouse Kristin Chenoweth

Celine : 3 Boys And A New Show Pics !!!!!

At Home With Celine Dion,Superstar,Mom pt2. !

The woman sitting queitly in corner of her palatial
Florida home is using a breast pump to store her milk
for her twin babies.
There's a little dignity  to the time-intensive routine.
And even craking jokes while using the unconfortable
device for the task doesn't help.
She looks exhausted,like scores of other new mothers who
have come before her.

With diference : The mother is question is singer Celine Dion-
and she's pumping for a television audience as well as her
boys Eddy & Nelson .

"There's not only food in there,there's love."she says to the camera.

Called Celine : 3 Boys and a New Show, Dion's upcoming documentary
special on Oprah Winfrey's network is full of gushy,maternal musings.
But  while they might seem corny,the megastar-who in the past has often
seemed to resort to greeting-card clichés in speaking to the press-is clearly
not acting.
She's mad for her new babies as well as her 10-years old-old boy
Not to mention her long-time husband and manager René Angélil,
a man who fiercely protects his wife's as a crowd-pleaser
with Titanic-sized pipes and has established her as one of the world's
richest women.

Still,it's a little unusual for the notoriously private artist, now 43,
to invite a camera crew into hear all white,20-million oceanside Florida
home,where they follow her every move,from nursery to kitchen
to walk-in closet,and join in everything from the kids' baptism
to rearsals as mom Dion prepars-with just five months of prep time-
to return to Caesars Palace for her Las Vegas one-woman live show,
seen so far by more than 3.25 millions adoring fans.

"I see this time as the greatest gift of all."said Dion last week,
talking from a limo on Angélil's cellphone  on the way to
a concert in Central Park with Andrea Bocelli.

" This[motherhood] is the most extraordinary gift that life can give us.
I'm trying to cherish every second."

The Globe and Mail

pondelok 26. septembra 2011

Celine Dion Fashionista : 3 Boys And A New Show 2011

Reveals intimate behind-the-Sscenes look at Celine Dion as she creates her new Las Vegas show and balances motherhood.

At Home With Celine Dion,Superstar,Mom !

Or maybe the ramped-up candour is just more savvy
promotion for Dion .
Her next season in Vegas starts in December-and injecting
that little bit of juice to keep the sellouts coming can't hurt.

In Dion's words.the TV special is way for her fans
" to get to know me better. I wanted to give them a VIP pass
to my life.
I wanted them see what it's like to travel with us.
To understand as little bit more what it is to prepare a show,
and to have two new babies.
So myn things have happend since I was last in Vegas".
(Among her projects: two new albums coming next spring,
one in French and one in English,incorporating some of the
songs from Las Vegas Show.)

The Tv special is also meant to show fans Dion is just like them.
"I wanted to re-connect with them and show them that I also take
my kids to school".

"We have an extraordinary life,I know that,but are we different
from everyone else? No,we're not".

That Dion is hard-driving perfectionist,in all aspects of her life,
is no secret. as the youngest of 14 kids born to lower-middle-class
parents in Charlemagne Quebec,She grew up having to fight
for everything she had.
She firts time met her husband-26 years older than her-when
she was 12 and he mortgaged his house to jump-star her career.
They've been married for the last 16 years.

"It's tough to live with me.I'm no easy.I'm intense in everything I do.
I honest don't know how my husband does it."

"They taught me how to be the best I can be,and they make
me feel loved and supported.
They're why I'm here today"-well,you can't help believing her.

Celine : 3 Boys and a New Show airs on the OWN(Canada)
on October 2 at 9 p.m.

The Globe and Mail

nedeľa 25. septembra 2011

Love Them From Titanic On K2 HD !!!!!!!!

This CD has been mastered by the K2 HD
High Definiton forman of 24-bit 100 kHz developed
by Japanes JVC and Victor Entertaiment,which creates
and unbelievable sound surprassing other format.
K2 HD is compatible with all CD players.

Titanic soundtrack fo the epic motion picture Titanic,starring
Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet,features music composed
and conducted by James Horner including the film's Love Theme
'My Heart Will Go On' performed by Celine Dion in HD sound.

Thank you so very much for the info my friend :)

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Celine Dion for The Insider September 22,2011

Celine Dion Talks About Her New TV Special "Celine :3 Boys and new Show ", New Show in Las Vegas .

Brand New Packaging Of Las Vegas !

For the first time,Celine Dion's music 2 DVDs
Live in Las Vegas...A New Day will be available
on October 2011 in new Super Jewel Plus Packaging.

This attractive new size package allows Music DVD
product - featuring the best live performances
in the Colosseum at Ceasars Palace and three
exclusive documentaries,more than 5 hours
of never-before-seen footage will be more accessible
to the consumer browsing in line at retail.

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Celine Dion Talks About Her New TV Special !!!!!!!!!

Singer Celine Dion sat down to talk with The Insider's
Christina Mclarty to discuss family life,her upcoming
OWN TV Special,and singing with Andrea Bocelli in Central Park.

"They come in the car with us",Dion says.
"In plan with us,with the twins at the house and at school
and around the table for meetings and testing microphones
and trying songs that I don't want to sing and finally,
I'm just going to see them and--just give them a sense
of their part of the making of as well."

štvrtok 22. septembra 2011

Celine Dion - The National CBS News !!!!

The National with David Cammon

Céline Dion Shares Backstage Stories in New Documentary !!!!!!

A look at how a Las Vegas show is created and a peek
at Celine Dion's home life after the birth of her twins are among
the behind-the-scenes stories tackled in a new documentary
about Quebec chanteuse.

CBS News spoke to Dion in Later September just ahead
of the October 2.
Premier of the TV special Celine : 3 Boys And A New Show,
airing on the OWN (Canada).

"It seems to be more extraordinary,but it is the same.
I am mom,like other moms.
I am working mom,like others working moms.
You do your best.
You cannot do more that your best."

"In our home,there are no trophies.
You won't see any Grammys or all the trophies she won
all over the world .
The Junos-there is nothing like that.
It's a regular family house,with family pictures...
I think it is the only way to have it work".

Covergirl pt.7 Hello Canada !!!!!!!!!!

October 2011

utorok 20. septembra 2011

Celine Dion Reveals Her Family ‘Wish’ !!!

Celine Dion Reveals Her Family ‘Wish’: The power of love, and family, for singing superstar Celine Dion is still running strong. “We’d love to,” Dion said today on “Good Morning America,” of her and her husband-manager Rene Angelil’s desire to add another child to their brood.

" It's the biggest gift that you can offer yourself".

" I'm very privileged to have them.It's what I'm the most proud of,
my family,my kids."

" When I'm with my kids and I'm having this loving family moment,
I do not allow anything to disturb that."

Celine Dion - Moi Quand Je Pleure (New French Song - 2011-2012) HQ

Celine Dion singing a little of the new French song from her upcoming
new album in French  !