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Celine Dion - If You Asked Me To ( Live 1992)

On September 30, 1992, Celine made her first appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show, where she performed "If You Asked Me To" a song that can be found on her self-titled album 'Celine Dion'.

Used to be that I believed in something
Used to be that I believed in love
It's been a long time since I've had that feeling
I could love someone
I could trust someone
I said I'd never let nobody near my heart again darlin'
I said I'd never let nobody in

But if you asked me to

I just might change my mind
And let you in my life, forever
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart
And stay here in your arms forever
If you asked me to
If you asked me to

Somehow ever since I've been around you

Can't go back to being on my own
Can't help feeling darling since
I've found you
That I've found my home
That I'm finally home
I said I'd never let nobody get too close to me darling
I said I needed, needed to be free

(But if you asked me to...)

Ask me to, I will give my world to you baby

I need you now
Ask me to, I'll do anything for you baby, for you baby

If you asked me to

I'd let you in my life forever
If you asked me to


(D. Warren / Guy Roche) 

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Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand Interview for ETalk(1997)

"Tell Him"(Linda Thompson / Walter Afanasieff / David Foster) is the first single from the album"Let's Talk About Love" and is a duet with the legend herself, Barbra Streisand. This stunning collaboration was born of the singers' initial meeting at the 1997 Academy Awards. These two extraordinary voices come together to bring life to a song that is sure to move all who hear it.

Her Own Words

"I don't know where begin .With the birth of René-Charles,
everything has changed. Every parent knows what I'm talking
about, but until I experienced it for myself , I could never have 
a imagined how wonderful this precious gift of little could be ."

Celine Dion and her big advertising banner on the building of EDION!


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Celine Dion - L'amour existe encore ( 'Pour la vie' 2001)

On September 28, 2001, Celine participated in a benefit concert 'Québec - New York: Un show pour la vie', organized in Montreal in aid of victims of the September 11 attacks. She performed "L'amour existe encore".

 Quand je m'endors contre ton corps
Alors je n'ai plus de doute
L'amour existe encore

Toutes mes années de déroute
Toutes, je les donnerais toutes
Pour m'ancrer à ton port

La solitude que je redoute
Qui me guette au bout de ma route
Je la mettrai dehors

Pour t'aimer une fois pour toutes
Pour t'aimer coûte que coûte
Malgré ce mal qui court
Et met l'amour à mort

Quand je m'endors contre ton corps
Alors je n'ai plus de doute
L'amour existe encore

L'amour existe encore...

On n'était pas du même bord
Mais au bout du compte on s'en fout
D'avoir raison ou d'avoir tort

Le monde est mené par des fous
Mon amour il n'en tient qu'à nous
De nous aimer plus fort

Au-delà de la violence
Au-delà de la démence
Malgré les bombes qui tombent
Aux quatre coins du monde

Quand je m'endors contre ton corps
Alors je n'ai plus de doute
L'amour existe encore
L'amour existe encore
L'amour existe encore...

Pour t'aimer une fois pour toutes
Pour t'aimer coûte que coûte
Malgré ce mal qui court
Et met l'amour à mort

Quand je m'endors contre ton corps
Alors je n'ai plus de doute
L'amour existe encore

(Luc Plamondon / Richard Cocciante)

Celine sing from the phone book

Celine sings the phone book in the style of Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You."

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Celine Dion on Grammy Awards CBS TV Special (16 November 2012)

Five-time GRAMMY winner Celine Dion, GRAMMY and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson and seven-time GRAMMY winner Usher are the first performers announced for "We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute To Whitney Houston." The one-hour special, which will be broadcast in HDTV and 5.1 surround sound on Nov. 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the CBS Television Network, will celebrate Houston's life and artistry through interviews and performances from various artists paying homage to the six-time GRAMMY winner, and will include Houston's own most memorable performances of her career.

 "We Will Always Love You" will include never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, along with artists sharing their memories of Houston. Additionally, the special will feature highlights of Houston's career, including great GRAMMY and other iconic performances.

Tickets for "We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute To Whitney Houston" will go on sale to the general public today, and are available online at Ticketmaster or via phone at 800.745.3000. For more information on VIP packages and discounted group tickets, call 1.877.AEG.TICKETS (1.877.234.8425) or visit

 Houston was one of the biggest pop stars — male or female — of all time, selling more than 170 million combined albums, songs and videos, and garnering six GRAMMYs and two Emmys, among other awards and accolades. She graced the GRAMMY stage eight times over the years — one of a few artists who has had the distinction of performing the most times on the annual telecast. Most recently, she appeared as a presenter at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2009 (ultimately presenting Jennifer Hudson with her first GRAMMY for Best R&B Album).

"We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute To Whitney Houston" is produced by AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC. Ken Ehrlich is the executive producer. Louis J. Horvitz is director.

Benefit Concert is Sold Out !

Make a contribution
You can make a contribution by PayPal to the FIDUCIE DENIS BLANCHETTE
established to offer financial support for his child.  
 In addition, there will be a collection in the venue that night to offer financial assistance to technician Dave Courage, injured under the same circumstances which cost his colleague and friend his life.
The roster of artists who have confirmed their participation, in a grand gesture of sympathy and solidarity includes Céline Dion, Arcade Fire (acoustic set), Patrick Watson, Cœur de pirate, Ian Kelly, and Vincent Vallières. Many other surprise artists will also take part in this exceptional show.

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Message to Fans !

Dear Friends

As many of you have already heard, Sony Music has decided to postpone the release date of Celine’s new English-language album to 2013. While we understand how disappointing this is for all of you, the release was pushed back simply because the new album is not 100% ready. We’ll really sorry for this delay and at the same time we’re very excited about the new album, Celine’s voice is stronger than ever! The decision to delay the release was made because everyone wants the best album possible. Thank you for your understanding. 

Céline and René are Proud to be Participate on Benefit Concert !

Celine Dion, touched by the death of Denis Blanchette, will participate in the benefit concert at the Metropolis in memory of technician, reiterating one more time her great affection for Quebecers. "We could not refuse it," says René Angélil.
'This guy was not supposed to die, commented yesterday René Angélil the Journal de Montreal. He was just doing his job. '

Celine Dion for March of Dimes Foundation 2012

Celine Dion for March of Dimes Foundation 2012

The global toll of preterm birth is harsh. The 2009 March of Dimes White Paper on Preterm Birth estimated that worldwide, 13 million babies are born too soon each year. More than 1 million of these premature babies die before their first birthday.

This problem is truly global, affecting families everywhere. Although the vast majority of preterm births and related deaths occur in poor countries, families in wealthier nations are also at risk of having a baby born preterm. In fact, the number of premature babies born in the United States has increased 36 percent over the last quarter of a century.

While 13 million is a huge number, it is an estimate at best, because many countries do not have the capacity to collect adequate data on preterm births.

Celine Dion World Prematurity Awareness Day (French) 


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Celine Dion on Benefit Show October 1st !

Big names : Celine Dion , Arcade Fire, Patrick Watson, Cœur de pirate, Ian Kelly and Vincent Vallières .Confirmed for the benefit show in memory of Denis Blanchette (lighting technician) killed in the last elections of September 4 .

 Several other artists have to offer a surprise performance.

All proceeds from this concert organized by Team Spectra will be
at a benefit concert for the financial support of Denis Blanchette’s 4-year-old daughter Amy.
 Mr. Blanchette was killed by the alleged shooter, Richard Henry Bain.

Collection will be on site to support both Dave Courage, another technician who was seriously injured during the victory speech of Pauline Marois at Metropolis on September 4. He is bedridden since election night.

The show will take place from 19 h 30. Tickets - $ 80 (unreserved seating and standing) and $ 175 (reserved seats and sitting in the balcony) had to be put on sale at 12 am on Tuesday, by phone (1 855 790-1245) or Internet only through ticketmaster 

Celine Dion Live Regis & Kelly (2003)

Full show + Celine sang a beautiful song "Have  You Ever Been in Love".

Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart is shooting stars
You're holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever walked on air, ever
Felt like you were dreamin'
When you never thought it could
But it really feels that good
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart is shooting stars
You're holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been in love?
The time I spent waiting for something
That was heaven sent
When you find it don't let go
I know...
Have you ever said a prayer
And found that it was answered
All my hope has been restored
I ain't looking anymore
Have you ever been...
Some place that you ain't leavin'
Somewhere you gonna stay
When you finally found the meanin'
Have you ever felt this way?
The time I spent waiting for something
That was heaven sent
When you find it don't let go
I know...
Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
You can even reach the stars
Doesn't matter near or far
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever been in love?
So in love


(Anders Bagge / Peer Astrom / Thomas Nichols / Daryl Hall / Laila Bagge)

Celine Dion : All The Way...A Decade of Song (audio cassette) 1999

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Céline Dion in 3D !

RV la semaine prochaine pour ma surprise: un Mini-Jeu spécial #CélineDion ! 10 places pour l'émission Céline Dion en 3D ! 
RV next week to my surprise: a Mini-Game Special # CélineDion! 10 places for Celine Dion show in 3D!
via Nicole Coullier Twitter acount : NicoleCoullier

Celine Dion - Bozo

In September of 1983, Celine performed at the inauguration of the Théâtre Félix-Leclerc, named after the famous poet and singer who was one of the first Québécois artists to become successful in France. The now late Félix Leclerc attended the event, and Celine honored him by singing his famous song "Bozo”in 1997.

Dans un marais
De joncs mauvais
Un vieux château
Aux longs rideaux
Dans l'eau

Dans le château
Y'avait bozo
Le fils du matelot
Maître céans
De ce palais branlant

Vous devinez que cette histoire
Est triste à boire
Puisque Bozo le fou du lieu
Est amoureux

Celle qu'il aime n'est pas venue
C'est tout entendu
Comprenez ça
Elle n'existe pas...

Si vous passez
Par ce pays
La nuit
Y'a un fanal
Comme un signal
De bal
Dansez, chantez
Bras enlacés
Afin de consoler
Pauvre Bozo
Pleurant sur son radeau

Le P'tit Bonheur

C'est un petit bonheur
Que j'avais ramassé
Il était tout en pleurs
Sur le bord d'un fossé
Quand il m'a vu passer
Il s'est mis à crier:
«Monsieur, ramassez-moi,
Chez vous emmenez-moi.

Mes frès m'ont oublié, je suis tombé, je suis malade
Si vous n'me cueillez point je vais mourrir, quelle ballade!
Je me ferez petit, tendre et soumis, je vous le jure,
Monsieur, je vous en prie, délivrez-moi de ma torture
Monsieur, je vous en prie, délivrez-moi de ma torture.»

Moi, Mes Souliers

Moi, mes souliers ont beaucoup voyagé,
Ils m'ont porté de l'école à la guerre,
J'ai traversé sur mes souliers ferrés
Le monde et sa misère

Moi, mes souliers ont passé dans les prés
Moi, mes souliers ont piétiné la lune
Puis mes souliers ont couché chez les fées
Et fait dansé plus d'une........

Attends-moi, «Ti-gars»

Attends-moi, ti-gars,
Tu vas tomber si j'suis pas là
Le plaisir de l'un
C'est d'voir l'autre se casser l'cou

La voisine a rit d'nous autres parce qu'on avait 12 enfants
Changé son fusil d'épaule depuis qu'elle en a autant

Attends-moi, ti-gars,
Tu vas tomber si j'suis pas là
Le plaisir de l'un
C'est d'voir l'autre se casser l'cou

Il est jeune, il est joli
Il est riche, il est poli
Mais une chose l'ennuie
C'est son valet qui a l'génie

Attends-moi, ti-gars,
Tu vas tomber si j'suis pas là
Le plaisir de l'un
C'est d'voir l'autre se casser l'cou

Le Train Du Nord

Dans l'train pour Sainte-Adèle
Y'avait un homme qui voulait débarquer
Mais allez donc débarquer
Quand l'train file cinquante milles à l'heure
Et qu'en plus vous êtes conducteur

Oh! le train du Nord

Oh! Dans le train pour Sainte-Adèle
Y'avait rien qu'un passager,
C'était encore le conducteur,
Imaginez pour voyager
Si c'est pas la vraie p'tite douleur...

Oh! le train du Nord!

Le train du Nord
Le train du Nord
A perdu l'Nord,
Rendu l'aut'bord,
Le train du Nord
A perdu l'Nord
Mais c'est pas moi qui vas l'blâmer
Oh! le train du Nord

The unforgettable moment with Celine Dion("When health goes, everything goes." )

I leave you with a photo taken of my daughter with Céline Dion, nothing less. My daughter has been photographed for the great wall of Ste-Justine Hospital, not because she was sick, but because they took these pictures at the Salon Maternity, a few years ago already. As part of this promotion with Celine, there was a benefit concert at the Bell Centre and few have had the chance to meet in a small room before the show. What is unique is that we all remain seated and it is beautiful diva who went around to greet and take a picture with each child. Of course my Jeanne rose to go see it and it was very generous, she hugged for this photo. When she left the room, my daughter is still raised and she started to sing and dance with her. I do not know if the lyrics are a real song or if it was improvisation, but this is what she sang:
"Quand on chante, tout va, quand on chante, chante, chante tout va…
Quand on danse, tout va, quand on danse, danse, danse, tout va…"
 This moment will always be with me this morning I thought about it because I added that "When health goes, everything goes." I'm sure Celine would agree with me ...

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Celine Covers “At Seventeen”

"At Seventeen", written by Janis Ian and first released in 1975 is about being unpopular and feeling alienated while growing up; something that many people experience. Last year in an interview with Brendan Kelly of the Montreal Gazette, Celine revealed that when she first heard the lyrics she could relate, the song “touched me tremendously. I could feel for the first time that somebody was singing about the way I was feeling when I was a young teenager. Totally feeling awkward about the way I looked and where my place was in teenager-hood and schoolyards.” Did you know that Celine performed “At Seventeen” for the first time at the 2008 Grammy Nominations television special as a tribute to Janis Ian? Celine later included the song in her 
 Las Vegas show.

Summary :Celine Dion in French television !

Celine Dion is back on the front of the stage ...! On the occasion of the release of her two new albums (one in English "Water and a Flame", one in French "Sans attendre"), the singing star bonus on France 2 in a program presented by Michel Drucker and proposed a special Daniela Lumbroso on France 3. Celine will also attend a big show on NRJ 12 for Christmas. Celine to perform three of her new songs and meet with the young French art scene.

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Celine Dion - "Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour"(little preview)

Celine Dion will be interview for French Radio (France Bleu) !

Celine will be in Montréal the 1st october for an interview with Claude Nadeau for France Bleu (French Radio)
 You can send your questions for Celine to Claude Nadeau Twitter : claudenadeau

Julie Snyder about Interview between Celine Dion & Daniela Lumbroso !

"My friend Daniela Lumbroso is coming to Montreal to interview Celine Dion for a great special on France 3 :)" - Julie Snyder
"Mon amie Daniela Lumbroso viendra bientôt à Montréal pour interviewer Céline Dion pour une grande émission spéciale sur France 3 :)" - Julie Snyder

What it’s Like to Meet Celine Dion !

When I first moved to Las Vegas more than six years ago, Celine Dion was at the height of her domination of Strip entertainment. I never, ever in a million years would have guessed that someday I would meet her! My moment came this past Sunday, before her very last show at the Colosseum until the end of December. It was a huge show, and I couldn’t be more honored that she wanted to spend her time backstage before it with us. In fact, she couldn’t have been more gracious in everything that she did for us! As you can see here, this all came about because of her being the cover star of our September issue of Vegas magazine. 

Since I was meeting Celine on a Sunday evening, every salon was closed. House-call it was! I didn’t mind the extra money — this was a very important night. Not only was I going to meet the person who changed the entertainment culture on the Strip forever, but it was also the party at which I would first see people’s reactions to what I consider the best issue of my career.

 When I arrived at the Colosseum, rushing and late of course, I couldn’t believe all of the tourists taking photos of Celine’s sign. These weren’t necessarily fans taking photos to commemorate the night they saw the show — it was an hour and a half before it began. These were mostly tourists who were just so happy to see her theater! 

At six pm, our little group of about 40 people were ushered inside — in groups of 10, because that’s all the elevator down to Celine’s green room would allow. Celine herself was scheduled to arrive at 7 pm, giving us plenty of time to drink champagne and build excitement. Me? I was so nervous! I stood in the corner and watched people flip through the issue. The praise from the people in Celine’s camp was tremendous. I couldn’t have been happier! 

When she arrived, about ten minutes after 7 pm, Celine couldn’t have been more of a class act. Even though I knew she opened her show in a glittering, floor-length Armani Prive gown, the super-star songstress blew into the room in a hot little pink/red number. Less than 30 minutes from her curtain call, she worked the room like a pro. “Hi, how are you? Let’s take a picture!” she said with such energy, as she made her way through our little crowd. “You in the back? Why are you in the back? Let’s take a picture!” She shook hands with every single person and somehow squeezed in at least 20 photos and a TV interview into 16 minutes. I swear it felt like an hour!

Yes, even though I lean towards super-chill vacations in Costa Rica and love adventure sports such as off-roading and even the gun range, my day job is building a magazine page-by-page, as editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine. When this wall is full, it is finally time for the magazine to come out.
We’ve gotten so much attention around the world for this issue, and I couldn’t be happier. She gave a wonderful and fascinating interview, Queen Celine, written by the enormously talented Marco della Cava. It can be so refreshing when the best writers are also the easiest and most thrilling to work with!

As we made our way out to the audience, everyone was on cloud nine. She was a few minutes late onto stage, and I couldn’t believe that that was because she agreed to our little party on her “last” show for a few months. (We will miss her until December!) I sat on the very edge of our group, seated right next to a super fan, who gasped and talked throughout the entire show. (“What will she do next? Ohmygod I can’t… No way, she did not.”) I almost wanted to tell him that I was just with her!

I’m sure I don’t have to say this again, but it was an amazing night!

"Sans attendre" Official Tracklist

1. Parler a mon pere
2. Le miracle
3. Qui peut vivre sans amour
4. L'amour peut prendre froid
5. Attendre
6. La mer et l'enfant
7. Moi quand je pleure
8. Celle qui m'a tout appris
9. Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour
10. Que toi au monde (en cours)
11. Les jours comme ca
12. Tant de temps 
13.Le petits pied de lea
14.Une chance qu'on s'a

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Celine Dion - "Parler à mon père" (English lyrics)

I Want To Talk To With My Father
I want to forget that time exists
For just one shining moment
Take a rest after the race
And go where my heart tells me

I want to reconnect with my roots.
Find my path, my place in life
And keep my treasured memories
Hidden in the warmth of my secret garden.

I want to swim the ocean wide, spread like an eagle and take flight
Think of everything I've seen and even head into the unknown.
I want to capture the moon, maybe even save the world
But above all I want to talk to my father
Talk to my father...

I want to pick out a boat
Not the nicest, not the biggest
I would fill it with all the sights
And smells of my journeys.

I want to stop and take a seat
And find within my memory
The voices of those who taught me
To never give up on my dreams.

I want to find within my heart, the colours that represent my art.
From this decor filled with pure lines, where I see you, which calms my soul.
I want to capture the moon, maybe even save the world.
But above all, I want to talk to my father
I want to talk to my father...

I want to forget that time exists
For just one shining moment
Take a rest after the race
A go where my heart tells me.

I want to reconnect with my roots
Find my path, my place in life
And keep my treasured memories
Hidden away in the warmth of my secret garden

I want to run away with you
I want to dream with you
Always seeking the unattainable
Always hoping for the impossible
I want to capture the moon,
And why not save the world,
But above all, I want to talk to my father
I want to talk to my father
Talk to my father
(Jacques Veneruso)
Here are the translated lyrics for Celine's "Parler à mon père". What do you think?

Céline Dion on NRJ12 !

Céline Dion on NRJ12 (French TV station) for a Christmas primetime show. The show will be hosted by Matthieu Delormeau and Natasha St Pier .

Third Adhémar-Dion Garden Party Fundraiser on September 28 !

The third edition of the Fête champêtre Adhémar-Dion will be held on September 28 at the Mirage Golf Club in Terrebonne, Quebec. Celine’s mother and guest of honour, Thérèse Tanguay-Dion, will be present alongside Celine’s sister Claudette Dion, spokesperson for the Maison Adhémar-Dion. The benefit event raises funds for the ‘Maison Adhémar-Dion’ hospice. Guests will have the pleasure of attending a never seen before show by special guest Véronic DiCaire, who will close the event.

Celine Sings Bond, James Bond

Along with providing great visual entertainment, each James Bond movie has celebrated music with an extraordinary soundtrack and a memorable theme song. Celine’s fantastic Las Vegas show is also all about celebrating music. For her show, Celine channels her inner Bond Girl by performing theme songs from three great Bond films.Celine performing “Goldfinger”, theme song from the movie of the same name. We gave you the first song and movie; can you name the other two songs and movies?