utorok 30. októbra 2012

Celine Dion & Daniela Lumbroso !

Daniela Lumbroso comes home from Montreal with a smile. Her long interview"intimate" Celine Dion will be the culmination an primetime event that one will see before the end of the year on France 3.
"It tells us about what it is today, how she feels of its state of mind. And that too without never lost her sincerity "

Listen To ‘Sans attendre’ In Its Entirety !

Listen to Celine’s new album ‘Sans attendre’ in its entirety from now until November 4 at midnight (ET). Get to know all the songs on the album before its official release! What’s your favourite track?

Celine Dion…Sans attendre Sunday 4.November 2012 !

Celine Dion…Sans attendre Sunday 4.November 2012 
on TVA (trailer pt.2)


pondelok 29. októbra 2012

More ‘Sans attendre’ !

Celine and her collaborators Grand Corps Malade and David Gategno 
discuss the meanig of “La mer et l’enfant” from the 'Sans attendre' album .

Songwriters Maxime Le Forestier and Stanislas
on the song 'Moi quand je pleure' inspired by Celine's softer side

Celine Dion…Sans attendre Sunday 4.November 2012 !

One of the varieties the most spectacular ever filmed at Studio G TVA,Celine Dion ...Sans attendre will be special not to be missed this Sunday. Hosted by Julie Snyder, experienced interviewer, this variety provides benefits grandiose, while Celine sings solo or in the company of distinguished guests, funny moments and touching interview, always with a star that shines in all its glory, while remaining engaging and generous with her audience.

Celine offer during this special show, the songs from her forthcoming album on November 5, 'Sans attendre', but also her greatest success in a breathtaking setting.

 Jean-Pierre Ferland, Fred Pellerin and 14 artists from Star Academy have, in turn, shared the stage and sang with the famous artist, while Véronic DiCaire offered en primeur number, where it takes the biggest hits of Celine borrowing the voice of singers exception: Ginette Reno, Marie Carmen, Heart of Pirate, Lynda Lemay and Edith Piaf are imitated dramatically. 
Rare appearance of Ti-Me, aka Pôpa, alias Claude Meunier, released his sign rather than the garbage! The famous character overhears a life P'tite Céline speechless as he tries to sell her house playing the real estate agent for the agency Ti-Mé/Max cabins prestige. Daddy gives us a tour of the property to be convulsed with laughter. Everything was done without the knowledge of the owners, with the complicity of their eldest son, René-Charles! 

Rodrigue(Rod) Janois composed ​​for Celine Dion !

L'Echo Républicain 27th October 2012
song ' Les jours comme ça '

sobota 27. októbra 2012

Celine Dion : 'Le Miracle' Making of Video Terrebonne , Quebec October 2,2012

The music video for "Le miracle" was directed by Thierry Vergnes and filmed on October 2, 2012 in a golf club in Terrebonne, Quebec. Vergnes previously worked with Dion in 2007 on her videos for "Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là)" and "Immensité,"(De'lles 2007) and in 2012 on "Parler à mon père."

Celine Dion : ’Le Miracle’ !

Her video has already been shot. It was in Montreal October 2, 2012, under the direction of Thierry Vergnes, already controls the elegant video illustrating 'Parler à mon père'. 
"The concept of the clip is to say that everything we see, everything we saw, what we share is a miracle," says Thierry. It shows the outside Quebec in a autumnal scenery, but also nestled in a comfortable lounge the fireplace chimney. "I see the maples, the leaves, rain, sun, weather ... the miracle,"Celine said .


The Second Song from The Album 'Sans attendre' !

The second song from the album 'Sans attendre' will be song 'Le Miracle' .

streda 24. októbra 2012

Celine Dion in Paris 2012 !

France bleu Lorraine 
invites you to meet Celine Dion 24 November 2012 on the occasion of her TV show that celebrates her return to France. You win the trip in TGV and one night accommodation in Paris.
Leave your full contact information and good luck!


Celine Dion in New Issue La Presse 24.10.2012 !

Jasons a little Celine Dion, this kind and generous singer who even paid the general tour of smoked meat at Schwartz's October 14, Sunday autumn cold and rainy.

 Take me all the gold in the men's head, but I rarely misses the passages of our favorite diva on the small screen. Because Celine always good television, they jumps in a kayak or CNN pourfende she cursed the drug in an interview on the death of Whitney Houston on Good Morning America on ABC. Every time it is highly entertaining for a wide variety of very different reasons.

 "Celine does not have a filter. It does not censor, "says Julie Snyder, which collects television confidences of the singer for several years.


Celine Dion on "Absolument Stars" on M6 2012 !

Special with Celine Dion on "Absolument Stars" on M6 11th November 2012 !

Celine Dion & Radio Rouge FM Contest !

 Radio Rouge FM offers tickets for private listening
Celine Dion's new album!
On October 29th,radio Rouge FM listeners will receive 30 lucky
who will listening to the album Celine Dion 'Sans attendre' a week before its official release!

pondelok 22. októbra 2012

Celine Dion Exlusive for "Flash" RTBF(Belgium) 2012 !

Just before TF1, the magazine Pipolo-cultural RTBF, "Flash" will offer an exclusive meeting with Quebec singer.
 It's been 1 year and a half we waited for the new French album Celine Dion, and the European promotion would follow. November seems to be the month where we will talk about Celine everywhere us.
"Flash" with Céline Dion, Saturday, November 3 at 18:30 on The One! 

Celine Dion in Tout le monde en parle 2012 !

Celine Dion was on the set of Tout le monde en parle last Thursday. This will be a first appearance on the show for her. The release date is not yet known.
Celine was visiting the studios of Radio-Canada last Thursday, to record an interview with Guy A. Lepage and Dany Turcotte and a musical performance, 

Celine Dion Talk About Henri Salvador !

Celine Dion in Vivement Dimanche spécial Henri Salvador
Mr. Drucker reconfirms Céline within the in November show .

Celine about 'Sans attendre' !

“For me, this album is about feelings and being close to the people who have known me a long time. I can speak to them freely without having to convince them of what I’m capable of. It’s like a VIP invitation : I invite you into my home." We’re all set to see Celine on November 5!