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Director Zach Merck.said about Celine Dion & clip "Incredible"

"to several months ago when I directed Celine Dion's new music clip. She is an amazing person. Stoked that the project is finally out for everybody to see!"

Celine Dion still tops in tapping emotions

There comes a point in every Celine Dion show where the waterworks open and you can’t stop a tear from running down your face.

The giant screen displays home movies of the superstar and her children cavorting on the beach, while she sits off to the side and croons Billy Joel’s “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel).”

But once you endure that? It’s the theme from “Goldfinger” played by a 31-piece orchestra. The soaring horn section, lush strings and Dion getting close-enough-for-jazz to Shirley Bassey’s stratospheric final note? Goosebump city.

It just goes to prove something in this show will get to everyone. As Celine says from the stage, “Music is in everyone’s life, one way or another.”

Last week, the Canadian superstar passed the 200-show mark of her Colosseum at Caesars Palace showcase (with no onstage fanfare), and she will be in town for scattered dates until Labor Day.

The summer edition is new by only one song, the anthemic Ne-Yo collaboration “Incredible,” here in duet with backup singer Barnev Valsaint. The way it brought the core fans to their feet was a strong argument to dig even deeper into last fall’s “Loved Me Back to Life” album, and bring the retrospective tone even more into the present tense.

It’s certainly time to retire that opening video, which welcomes back a star who came back three years ago. (Another way of looking at it: 200 shows back in the Colosseum, compared with 132 on the “Taking Chances” tour the footage recaps.)

Beyond that, this one remains the benchmark for all that Las Vegas entertainment should be, but usually isn’t. How rare is it to go all in and do everything first-class? Even impressionist Veronic DiCaire, a side project co-financed by Dion and husband Rene Angelil, uses taped backing tracks instead of a band.

But the Celine show introduces a new point of visual interest for almost every song, without pulling focus from the star at the center of it. Once you know director Ken Ehrlich is also the producer of the Grammy Awards, another variety show which changes its visual tone for every number, it makes sense.

And while it’s big ticket for a casual fan, protections are built in for those who don’t much know or care for her back catalog. An early block of the more histrionic hits — “The Power of Love,” “Because You Loved Me” — is wrapped up in the first 20 minutes. Then the show takes a left turn, and its real agenda comes out.

Red drapes scale the giant stage down to resemble an intimate jazz club, so Dion and a trio can take on the Ella Fitzgerald standard “(If You Can’t Sing It) You’ll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini).” Yeah, she thrusts her leg out of her evening gown during the scat singing, a ’90s-Celine move that would make her “Saturday Night Live” impressionist Ana Gasteyer proud.

But more of what follows is a bid to take the singer out of any pop time frame and into a more universal musical vocabulary. A place of stature, where she and Stevie Wonder stand on equal ground in a duet with his projected image (“Overjoyed”). Where she can play Tina Turner on “River Deep, Mountain High.” Or even duet with her projected self on “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?”

If you think the “real” Celine is getting lost in transition, a song in her native French suggests, as bilingual fans have always maintained, that her French recordings have a finesse of phrasing that’s lost in the U.S. power pop.

Either way, “Ne me quitte pas,” usually recorded in English as “If You Go Away,” is a bold, emotional counterpoint to the slick, crowd-pleasing sweep of the rest. Ehrlich holds the singer in a single, grainy black-and-white camera shot that inches in gradually closer to her face as the song goes on, revealing tears if they come.

This night though? Didn’t see any from Row O. Nor did Dion’s between-song banter veer from the script for any of her amusing digressions, raising the specter that the next 200 shows might be a daunting prospect, or be worn down by routine.

Another argument for shaking up the set list, perhaps. You could argue not to mess with perfection. But perfection brings repeat business, and repeat business welcomes fresh energy.

Just don’t mess with the James Bond medley, even if it is a cheap, sentimental way to manipulate our emotions.

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Celine's Concert Dates in Japan Announced!

Celine Dion, the biggest selling female artist of all time, is returning to Asia for an exclusive series of concerts in October and November of 2014. Celine will be performing in several countries for the very first time and she’ll be returning to Japan, where she toured in 2008 as part of her record-breaking “Taking Chances World Tour”.

Celine's Concert Dates in Japan Announced!

Celine Dion, the biggest selling female artist of all time, is returning to Asia for an exclusive series of concerts in October and November of 2014. Celine will be performing in several countries for the very first time and she’ll be returning to Japan, where she toured in 2008 as part of her record-breaking “Taking Chances World Tour”.


Accompanied by 15 musicians including a full band and horn section, Celine will perform some of her biggest hits with a stunning visual presentation specially designed for Asia.

“I’m so excited about doing this tour. It’s going to be a lot of fun going back to Japan. We’ve always received so much love and support from the fans over there… I can’t wait to see them” said Celine.
Celine’s shows in Asia, produced by AEG Live are her only scheduled concerts outside of Las Vegas in 2014.

Celine Dion is proud to invite world-renowned singer-impersonator/entertainer, Véronic DiCaire as her special guest to open the shows.
Ticket pre-sale (reservation) will start on July 1, and the general on-sale will start on September 6.2014

Show Celine Las Vegas : New Info

French song from album "Sans attendre" "Ne me quitte pas" has been replaced with "S'il suffisait d'aimer".  Also a very beautiful French song. More exciting changes soon!

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas Backstage June 2014

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Did You Know That ?

Celine Dion sings “My Heart Will Go On” at the 40th #GRAMMYs in 1998, the song went on to win Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year the following year .

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Show Celine Live in Las Vegas June 2014

‘Céline une seule fois’ On the Charts!

Celine’s unique concert captured live in Quebec City on July 27, 2013 is still a best-seller in Quebec! The DVD made the top 5 sales chart for another week! Have you watched ‘Céline une seule fois’? If so, make sure to voice your love for Celine and join the fans who have already shared their reviews on the website:
“This recording is incredible. It has so much punch! It has so much power.”
“Superb album & DVD. Superb selection of songs, too.”
“Amazing DVD and CDs and to me by far these are her best performances ever!!!!”

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Celine Dion : Taking Chances World Tour Prague June 26.2008 ( 6 Years)

On June 26, 2008, Celine Dion gave a concert at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, during the "Taking Chances" World Tour .
The singer and guitar virtuoso Lenka Filipová performed as a guest of Celine Dion for her Prague concert. Both ladies met in the backstage and had an opportunity to have a talk. Celine and Lenka spoke in english and french language.

My dream come true  <3

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Show Celine Live in Las Vegas Backstage June 2014

Teen Opera Singer, Maria Zoller, with Famous Singing Sensation Céline Dion! 6/18/14 ♡ #CelineDion #vegas
Seriously the best night of my life!!! Céline shook my hand, sang right to me, smiled, pointed, waved her baton at me!!! We danced and everything!! Front row, will never forget this day💖💖 6/17/14 Celine Dion - Maria Zoller

Did You Know?

Celine’s first collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman was on the album 'D’eux' (titled 'The French Album' in the USA), released in 1995. The album was written and produced by Goldman, and went on to become the biggest-selling French album in history. It was the beginning of a long association and friendship between Celine, René, and Jean-Jacques, which yielded another album in 1998 titled 'S’il suffisait d’aimer'.

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas June 2014

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Celine Dion Wax Figure in Musée Grévin Prague, Czech Republic 2014

”One year ago we announced our intention to open the Musée Grévin in Prague. In recent months, the building in Celetná Street, in the very heart of Prague, has undergone an extensive reconstruction and the old building has been converted into a place where you will walk through a never ending dream, historical epochs and take photos with such celebrities as Céline Dion, Václav Havel, Rudolf II or George Clooney. Grévin Prague offers a perfect cross-section of Czech history, meetings with Hollywood stars as well as a number of other experiences, for instance, the chance for visitors to create their own waxwork or to peep into our workshops,“ says Béatrice De Reyniés, Director of Grévin International.

 The complex reconstruction of the building in Celetná Street, the Musée Grévin in Prague just opened its gates, namely on 01.05. 2014 at 10am. 



Fans de Céline , il ne vous reste que 24 HEURES pour participer au concours pour assister au tournage de L'ÉTÉ INDIEN lundi le 14 juillet.

PARTICIPEZ ICI (via un ordinateur) : http://bit.ly/ConcoursEteIndien

* Le concours prend fin le lundi 23 juin à midi.
Celine fans, you are left with only 24 HOURS to enter the contest to attend the taping of L'ÉTÉ INDIEN (INDIAN SUMMER) Monday, July 14.
* The contest ends Monday, June 23 at noon.

Celine and ‘Aid Still Required’ Need Your Help

Join Celine in supporting Aid Still Required’s work to bring self-sufficiency to Haiti. Enter for a chance to win a trip to Vegas (including hotel and air) to meet Celine backstage and watch her incredible show from VIP orchestra seats! Enter to win now!

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Celine’s Las Vegas Show: Last Day Of The TeamCeline Ticket Pre-Sale

TeamCeline members, don’t wait for the general public on-sale tomorrow to purchase your tickets! As a TeamCeline member, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets for shows from December 30, 2014 to March 22, 2015, ahead of the general public. Hurry you only have a few hours left to take advantage of the pre-sale; it ends today at 10pm (PT). Performance dates are listed here . Get your tickets today! 

For details on how to purchase tickets during the TeamCeline ticket pre-sale, log into your TeamCeline account and go to your ‘My Account' page. From there, click on the ‘Vegas Tickets’ tab. Not a TeamCeline member? Join now and take advantage of this fantastic offer! 

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Show Celine Live in Las Vegas June 2014

Celine by the numbers: How 917 turns into half a billion

Celine Dion’s value to Caesars Palace can be measured in numbers. When she performs, the hotel makes a lot more money that it does when she is not performing.

But her impact and influence are felt strategically, too, in how the lineup of superstar headliners at the Colosseum is assembled.

Celine has built a massive fan base throughout Canada, particularly around her original hometown of Charlemagne, Quebec.

When AEG Live/Concerts West and Caesars Entertainment were entertaining the concept of bringing Shania Twain into the Colosseum as a recurring resident headliner, they took a look at who bought tickets to Celine’s shows in Las Vegas.

Canadians. By the thousands. Twain is from Canada and also has a lot of fans from that country, so …

“As we’ve always said, we try to focus on Middle America first, which is everything between New York and L.A. — or middle Canada, in this case,” AEG Live/Concerts West President John Meglen said in November 2012 just as Shania was about to start her run at Caesars.

“We are absolutely looking at Celine as a model, and we have a tremendous Canadian database to begin with — just using that alone is usually something that will help in the success of (Twain’s) show.”

That built-in audience up north has helped boost the ticket sales for Celine and Shania. Tonight, Celine is to celebrate the 200th performance of her second Colosseum residency, which began in March 2011.

She continues to serve as a rare example of an artist who sets the highest standard, artistically and financially. For verification, here are some numbers to bolster that contention:

717: Total number of shows performed during her first residency “A New Day …” from 2003-2007.

917: Total number of shows performed in Las Vegas in two headlining runs.

3,580,000: Total number of paid guests who have seen Celine at the Colosseum.

$382.5 million: Total gross revenue from Celine’s “A New Day …” residency.

$125 million: Total gross revenue from Celine’s current residency.

$508 million: Total gross revenue — that’s half a billion dollars — generated by Celine since 2003 in Las Vegas.

31: New dates added to Celine’s current residency, stretching from New Year’s Eve Weekend through the end of March.

3: Number of years announced on Celine’s original contract to return to the Colosseum. That original contract has been extended, as the original terms expired in March, but details have never been formally verified.

What Caesars Entertainment officials will say is that as long as Celine wants to perform at the Colosseum, they will have her. And that number would be infinity.

Celine Dion News

1. Celine has sold more than 500.000.000$ in tickets in general.
2. Nearly 3.600.000 fans have come to see Celine's concert.
3. Celine announced 31 shows for New Year’s Eve till next March.
4. Celine will hit the 1,000 milestone of shows till 2015.
5. The new manager, Aldo Giampaolo, will come in Las Vegas in two weeks to work on Celine's contract extension beyond 2015-2017.

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Celine Dion GIVEAWAY Planet 94.1 Las Vegas June 2014

Planet 94.1 has your chance to see Celine Dion at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. This is your chance to win two nights in The Laurel Collection at Caesars Palace, two tickets to see Celine Dion, and Champagne Brunch for two at Bacchanal. We will announce the winner Friday June 20th at 9 am.

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Celine's' 200th Show of Her Second Residency in Las Vegas June 2014

Congratulate Celine on the 200th show of her second residency and wish Rene a full, total recovery and good health from now onward.

Finally Friday: Celine Dion--My Lady Crush

Once upon a time, all my dreams came true when my sister Julie and I got to go backstage and meet Celine Dion at her original Las Vegas show at Caesar's Palace Colosseum--and oh mon bon Dieu, it was one of the most incroyable moments of my life! It went something like this:

Julie and I went out shopping for some fancy dresses, we practiced singing as loud as we could to her songs (when you turn the volume up really high you almost sound like her--don't tell me you've never done this), and generally went nuts with excitement to get to meet our idol. Julie isn't as obnoxious as me, so when the time came she just smiled and said hello like a normal person would, but not me. Oh no, not me. I had just got back from living in France for eighteen months, and I wanted to impress her with my francophonic charm. So I blurted out how much I love her...and how I know every one of her songs...and how we should be best friends (yanno because if you say it in French it doesn't sound as weird/creepy/desperate/etc.)

And you know how she reacted? Totally gracious! She was so pleased that I was making the effort with her that she touched me (completely disregarding by crazy-person-vibes) and said something back to me in French (I don't remember what it was because I was honestly so fangirling all over the place that my ears didn't work anymore at transmitting information to my brain). And then we took a picture wherein I managed to smile like a glossy-eyed-wierdo who ate too much at the buffet before the show:Anyway, for years and years...and more excruciatingly long years, I've wanted to go back to one of her shows. Understanding that the backstage thing was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I've just wanted to go and see her new show. We've tried to buy tickets a few times but for one reason or another, it never worked out. Not only do the cheapest tickets cost several hundred dollars, but the last time Mr. Humphries bought them (four months out for my birthday), she cancelled the day before because her voice wasn't optimally primed, or whatever. I don't blame her, after all I love her. 

But guess what my Christmas present was this year?!!! Yep, you guessed it: Tickets for this Saturday night! Ahhh, I'm so excited. All my dreams are going to come true...again!

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas Backstage June 2014

"Not everyday one of the biggest stars in the world says "I'm with you" :D #speechless #celinedion #cysticfibrosis #inspiration #diva #dreamscometrue"
"DREAM COME TRUE!!! #celinedion #dreamscometrue #gay #gayboi #instagay #idol #diva"-@jc__designer

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Get a chance to attend the filming of the "L'ÉTÉ INDIEN" (Indian Summer) a large variety hosted by Michel Drucker & Julie Snyder July 14 with guest Celine Dion (and others)! ‬ ‪ 
* This contest ends on Monday, June 23 at noon. One entry per person for the duration of the contest.
* Contest only available from a computer. 

Celine Dion Asia Tour 2014

Celine could give her first concert in Taiwan in October. 
The five-time Grammy Award-winning singer and 12-time World Music Award-winner has given more than 1,500 concerts and performances in Western countries, and speculation has been rife that she will tour Asia by the end of 2014.

Show Celine Live in Las Vegas June 2014