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Celine Dion in Paris June 30,2016

Hermès Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré &
Burberry, Faubourg St Honore
💎Djula Jewelry💎
When Celine comes to visit Djula in Paris 🇫🇷. She told me : "You have the best jewelry collection i have ever seen! I want all!!! ". I am so proud! She is in love with my collection! And Djula is in love with this amazing artist and magic women.
Thanks Celine to came to visit us. We ❤️U❣️ @celinedion #CelineDion #Djula #DjulaJewelry #DjulaTeamisTheBest 💖

What a honor and a consecration for me and the Djula Team to have met this incredible woman.
Celine totally fall in love with my collections and moreover the Barbedwire bracelets. She said to me "You rock the jewelry with those bracelets" 
Thanks again to the Queen for this memorable day!⭐️ Quel bonheur et quelle consécration pour moi d'avoir rencontré cette femme extraordinaire.
Céline est tombée amoureuse de mes collections et aussi de mes bracelets Barbedwire. Elle m'a dit "You rock the jewelry with those bracelets " Thanks to the Queen!⭐️
#Djula #CelineDion #DjulaJewelry 🇫🇷

Celine Dion Meet & Greet in Paris l'AccorHotels Arena June 2016

Celine Dion & Bernard Montiel ‏
Great thank you for this beautiful greeting @celinedion and again Congratulations! @AccorH_Arena
Merci la Grande @celinedion pour ce bel accueil et encore Bravo ! @AccorH_Arena

Les fameux Mario Lefevre, Aldo Giampaolo, votre humble Gilbert Rozon et une chanteuse qui promet Celine Dion
The famous Mario Lefebvre, Aldo Giampaolo, your humble Gilbert Rozon and singer Celine Dion who promises

Celine Dion &Noémie Caillault
Un rêve de gosse Comme une gamine ☺️devant @celinedion ! 
#joie #emotion 🎤 #voixmagnifique

A childhood dream As a little girl ☺️ before @celinedion!
#joie #emotion 🎤 #voixmagnifique

Celine Dion Exclusive Paris Match June 30, 2016

Law Roach, the New Stylist Celine Dion

"Celine does not like to wear  more than once the same thing. It's my fashion star."

Paris Match. Dress Celine Dion, it's a gift?
Law Roach. And a shock! From my perspective, there are superstars, legends and icons, including Celine belongs. Since I know her, I found out how she was human and funny. An icon, but above all a normal person.

Which way do you operate both?
At first, we talked a lot. She made me understand her body what she likes and what she dislikes. The base is to work a lot and see things with her eyes.

What are their requirements?
Céline is bold, she's not afraid to innovate. She is beautiful with a beautiful body, slim, elegant. When she puts on a garment, she know very quickly if she loves him.

"Celine can even be sexy and feminine with in overalls"

The set is it to be sexy without being vulgar?
It can even be sexy and feminine with a wide overalls! I suggest she tries; and if it feels good, it's perfect. The main thing is that it like her. This trust gives me wings.

Do you have a story?
One day we ship to Antwerp. I had lost my passport and forgotten her clothes. When I got in the car, trembling, she said: "Do not worry, it will go." In fact, we had warned that the passport and clothes were found ...

Céline outfit for us all impressed. Does it flatter you?
She trusts her is my goal. In her mind  She is not of a competition for the most beautiful woman in the world. It's more subtle than that, it is a form of politeness towards her audience.

How many dresses and shoes she owns?
I do not know exactly. She does not like to wear more than once the same thing.

Her preferences?
She loves both the narrow things and those oversized, fine sophisticated coats, jeans, white skirts. It's my fashion star ...

Celine Dion in Paris Match Belgium Version June 30,2016

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Celine Dion Meet & Greet in Paris l'AccorHotels Arena June 29,2016

Celine Dion & Jean-Philippe Dion 
An incredible day ending in style! 😃😃😃
Celine Dion thank you!

Celine Dion & Camille Alienor Fashion PR
That day I met Céline Dion #celinedion #aboutlastnight #amazingshow #thankyou #viemaviedepr #backstage

Celine Dion in New 7Jours Magazine July 8,2016

Celine Dion is currently in Europe for her touring shows in Belgium and France. Joselito Michaud went there to bring us news of the great diva. The whole is accompanied with exclusive photos!

Celine Dion in Paris l'AccorHotels Arena June 29,2016

Celine Dion in Paris l'AccorHotels Arena June 29,2016

Céline à quelques minutes de son 4e concert à Paris
Celine few minutes from her 4th concert in Paris

Celine Dion in Paris l'AccorHotels Arena June ,29,2016

Rendez-vous à 20h00 (heure de Paris) sur la page Facebook officielle de Céline Dion pour assister à son premier Facebook Live. En direct de Paris, elle s’adressera à ses fans quelques minutes avant de monter sur scène.
- Team Céline -

See you at 20:00.pm. (Paris time) on the official Facebook page of Celine Dion to attend her first Live Facebook. Live from Paris, she will address her fans a few minutes before going on stage.
- Team Céline -

Celine Dion Meet & Greet in Belgium The Sportpaleis in Antwerp June 20- 21,2016