streda, 28. decembra 2016

Celine Don & René Angelil : "La Vie San Lui" NRJ12 Saturday 14, 2017

NRJ 12 will broadcast a documentary about Céline Dion's year of mourning. The selected logo promises a great class time.

 La chaine française NRJ12 diffusera un documentaire inédit de "Céline & René : la vie sans lui" le samedi 14 janvier 2017 à 20h55.

 French channel NRJ12 will broadcast a new documentary of "Céline & René: life without him" Saturday January 14,2017 at 8:55 pm.

Celine Dion 'Recovering' The Best Songs Of 2016

19.Celine Dion 'Recovering'
Written by Pink for Celine after the death of Celine's husband, Rene, as well as her brother, Daniel, "Recovering" stands out for its restraint. It doesn't have Celine going for the big notes she's known for, but instead the quiet notes of a woman finding her voice again.

piatok, 23. decembra 2016

Celine Dion Retrospective of this past Year. #TheShowMustGoOn 2016

Pour marquer la fin de 2016, Céline et son équipe vous partagent quelques moments forts de cette année. #TheShowMustGoOn / To mark the end of 2016, Céline and her team share with you a retrospective of this past year. #TheShowMustGoOn